Saving web pages as PDFs in 2019, a real challenge

Today's web technology doesn't easily allow PDF export from a web browser, something that you'd almost take for granted would work seamlessly, and instead, this is not the case.

Controversial posts deleted from Google My Maps

A very established design guideline is that software should be "considerate" (as Alan Cooper would put it), and never waste people’s time; interfaces should prevent errors that would otherwise cause loss of data, and it doesn't take years of usability finding to come to that conclusion, common sense would suffice.

Why interaction design should not replace visual communication

Visual design and interaction design are strictly connected disciplines. A professional user interface designer should be able to deal with both confidently.

Best prototyping tools out there?

A review of Axure and other common UX tools

Advanced mobile prototyping in Axure RP Pro: tips and examples

The most useful tips and tricks to prototype mobile interfaces using Axure RP Pro.

Simulating an e-commerce checkout process in Axure RP

A simple checkout prototype created in Axure RP Pro.

Are personas really useful?

Are personas really useful and are people in the team going to use them? Some thoughts on one of the most overrated design fads.

The foundations of design excellence

What are the key ingredients of outstanding design? A practical, goal-oriented view.

Axure in action v2 – Update to RP Pro 6

Axure in Action is a prototype created to showcase all the functionality available in prototyping software Axure RP Pro