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Build world-class interactive experiences.
Go beyond the fads and learn the design methods that work.

I am working on a special training program that is going to summarise over ten years of professional experience as an independent user experience consultant, producer and trainer.

Design must empower people rather than create friction in their lives. On this basis, it can be more successful than ever. Please sign up below to receive updates when the training courses are ready.

The first course, already available for download, sums up my 8-years experience working with prototyping software Axure RP 8. It's a meticulous, detailed collection of best practices, practical tips and examples:

Advanced prototyping in Axure RP 8

Below are highlighted some of the principles that this UX training is based on.

Guiding principles

Hands-on, practical training

Just the right amount of theory, blended with practical examples that apply to real-world scenarios. Instead of just reading and listening, you can practice through exercises, in order to improve retention and have fun.

No-nonsense approach

Go beyond the hype and acquire the design skill set that really matters. Focus on solid theoretical knowledge backed by data, rather than trends and old-school recommendations.


Design is too often based on the gut feeling of some creative minds. Instead of just relying on that, take advantage from all the precious research data that has been collected and shared through the years.

UX training for the whole team

Design wisdom should be distributed. It is not the solitary work of enlightened designers. When all members in the team share solid design knowledge, the result is products that stand out.

Not a mere list of usability best practices

Learn how to understand customers, address their problems by designing elegant solutions, and create a feedback loop to keep your products and services above average.


There’s no fixed regimen/curricula and no fixed schedule. The lessons can be built around your own specific requirements and demands.

Online courses

Online courses and tutorials are underway. Get cutting-edge, practical UX knowledge at a very affordable price.

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Custom training

On-site and remote UX training that fits your specific needs.
The training is not aimed only at user experience designers, but at all team members that may benefit from it.

Feel free to reach out and let me know what your specific needs, issues, expectations are.

Get in touch

Who can benefit

UX designers: hone your knowledge and get practical advice from an experienced UX practitioner.

Project managers: learn how to create a UX roadmap that fits into the team schedule and guarantees the desired outcomes.

Developers: become familiar with usability best practices and guidelines, in order to make informed design-related decisions.

Graphic designers: explore topics related to interaction design, information architecture and user research. Widen your expertise to become a well-rounded designer.

Entrepreneurs and business owners: get a distilled selection of UX wisdom to make well-founded design decisions, without relying on someone else.